Sunday, December 20, 2009

End of the School year

Hey guys and gals, man that was a crazy two weeks of school. I'm kind of sad that it's over.

Well as promised here is my action analysis assignment. It's FINALLY DONE!!!!! A lot of sweat, tears, and a lot of late nights went into this short. So hope you all enjoy.

I have the storyboard leica of the whole scene, but I'll be posting that up later as I need to tweak some of the storyboards. The whole thing is about 30 seconds long. Hope to get that up this week sometime. Well back to the drawing board.

Later dayz


Romai said...

I absolutely love this animation! Nicely done! :D

Matt Gutpell said...

Nice work, and thanks for the comment. The music to my film is by sigor ros and called glosiol I believe. How are you enjoying third year and the film?

Sandra Loke said...

Hey Matt

Thank you for the comment. I'm enjoying third year a lot. My group film is very exciting and I can't wait to work on it next semester. The film is about a man wanting to pole vault to the moon. Hope your enjoying fourth year and have a Merry Christmas.

Chris Nagy said...

awesome start sandy! good job