Sunday, January 20, 2013

Silver Snail

Hey all. It's been awhile since my last post. This piece has more of a sentimental value to me and my friends. The Silver Snail is a comic book store that me and my friends always went to whenever we were in Toronto. Most memorable for it's Midnight Madness sale they had ever year for Fan expo. My first time at Fan Expo we went to the Midnight Madness Sale and I bought so much stuff that I filled a row of four seats on the go train O_o. Hahaha it was awesome.

Last year was the Last Midnight Madness Sale at their Queen St location and they have moved to their new one location on Yonge St. The Queen St location is no longer there, but it will forever be remembered. Now time to make some new memories at the new location :D


Anthony Straus said...

They grow up so fast...Nice picture Sandra, now we can remember the cool old store front forever.

Are those the pigeons from Animaniacs in the middle there? :P

Sandra Loke said...

hahah they weren't meant to be, After I finished David pointed that one out to me. Subconscious for the win! :D